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Trade Show Magic

Dear Trade Show Planner:

Are you looking for new and unique ways to differentiate your company, your products, and your services? Do you want to increase traffic and generate MORE qualified leads at your trade shows? Do you need to motivate, inform, and excite your clients, sales team, and staff? If so, you should be considering customized magic presentations by Cody Fisher.

Cody’s customized presentations use magic as a corporate communication tool to deliver your message to your audience. These presentations are designed to showcase your company, products, and services. They link your message to powerful magic that illustrate and reinforce your key marketing messages. This unique style of “infotainment” provides relevant and meaningful information tailored to the audience.

For example, a typical presentation would answer the following questions:

1. What is unique about your product or service?

2. How will your product or service save customers time and money?

3. How will your product help customers do business more effectively and efficiently?


A well designed magic presentation will make your message more memorable by letting your audience participate in the experience. The audience-performer dynamic, which is universally understood and accepted, helps make it easy and FUN for your audience to receive and retain your message. This type of presentation helps differentiate your booth from the rest. It will increase booth traffic by attracting and engaging attendees, informing them about your company and products or services, and it motivates them to step onto your carpet and speak with your sales people.

Preparation on your end is crucial for success. You must understand your objectives, your key messages, and be willing to work closely with your entertainer to successfully integrate your message into the presentation. In order make your event the best it can be please provide Cody with the following materials:

• A written list of your goals and objectives for this event


• Up To five key points you want your prospects to remember about your company


• 10 of your company business cards


• Your current promotional materials (brochures, pamphlets, etc…)


• Any other helpful information pertaining to your business, products, or services

Let’s start the necessary preparation to make your next trade show a complete success!

Don’t wait and be disappointed! Cody is one of the most requested comedy magicians in the world today. E-mail Cody RIGHT NOW to schedule him for your next special event.

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