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Comedy Magic Show

This is Cody’s one man stand-up comedy magic show. Cody has performed this material in over 20 countries worldwide. It fits just about every situation and is perfect for audiences of all sizes. This fast-paced show uniquely combines hilarious stand up comedy with mind boggling magic in Cody’s very unique style. This is definitely NOT the same old stuff you’ve seen before!

If you want to make your next event something to remember, you can count on your people loving the interactive comedy and magic of Cody Fisher. With his feel good audience friendly approach, Cody has the unique ability to connect with any type of audience. More importantly, his corporate friendly program will make YOU (the event planner) look like a winner for pleasing everybody in your group.

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Professional Entertainment

So what exactly will your guests see? Here’s a small taste:

Interactive Physical Comedy (The Human Pretzel)

Elegant Sleight Of Hand (The Silk Explosion)

Hilarious Mind Reading (Comedy Confabulation)

The World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick (A Deck of Cards / An Audience Volunteer / A Snake)

Cody’s Original Asylum Escape (An Ode To Harry Houdini)

World Famous $100 Bill Trick (Your Group Will NEVER Forget This)

Sweet Dreams Rope Routine (Three Ropes / Three Volunteers / Not A Dry Seat In The House!)

The Stupidest Trick In The World (Cody Teaches Everyone In The Audience A Trick…Almost!)

Don’t wait and be disappointed! Cody is one of the most requested comedy magicians in the world today. E-mail Cody RIGHT NOW to schedule him for your next special event.

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