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Twisting The Color Changing Aces is Cody's unique solution for the color changing deck plot. You begin by fairly removing four blue backed aces from a blue backed deck that was taken from a blue card box.


The aces all start off face up and one by one they magically turn face down. You confess to your audience that you accomplished this feat of trickery by using some "extra aces". The four aces in your hand are turned over to reveal that they have red backs! The blue aces are GONE and apparently you were using four red backed aces.


But that leads to the question, "Where did the red backed aces come from?" (From a red backed deck of course!) The previously blue backed deck is now spread to show that it too has changed to red.


Well, were do you get a red backed deck? From a red card box of course! For the final kicker you point out that the blue card box that has been on the table from the beginning of the effect is now red too! 


This is one of Cody's most favorite close up routines to perform. It never fails to destroy laymen and even catches unsuspecting magicians off guard as well. The three phase routine is completely self-working and very easy to do. This routine can be used as an opener to your card set, or as Cody prefers, as a final closing piece to a formal close up show.


Each package comes with two gimmicked aces, gimmicked card box, downloadable PDF instructions, and online video instructions.


Note: The gimmicks in this package are all hand made by Cody himself so quantities are very limited.  


Note: Download Also Includes Instructions in German


Twisting The Color Changing Aces

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