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This is quite possibly the most commercial routine for the “Tossed Out Deck” ever conceived. The effect is KILLER and the method is completely self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate entirely on the presentation!


Cody's original Tossed Out Deck (still available in the download section) was an instant classic. Tossed Out FRED is Cody's latest creation. 


So what is Tossed Out FRED? Think of it as "Tossed Out Deck" and "The Phil Trick" combined AND on steroids!


The performer has an audience member verify that a deck of cards is normal and that all the cards are different and in no particular order.


Four people from the audience are asked to merely "think" of cards as the deck is tossed from person to person. Without any questions, pumping, or fishing, the performer begins to give VERY SPECIFIC INFORMATION to three of the volunteers about the card they are merely thinking of! The fourth person receives information as well, but it apparently makes no sense to them...and is quite funny too!


For the grand finale, the performer calls out THREE playing cards and the name FRED! Three of the volunteers immediately verify that you correctly named their thought of card!


The fourth person is now looking even more confused! They tell you the suit and value of the card they thought of and you remove it from the deck. NOW the audience is able to see that ALL the cards have names on the backs of them like TED, SAM, KIM, BILL, etc. You remind your volunteer that you said the name FRED WAY BEFORE they told you the suit and value of their thought of card. You turn over their card to show the name FRED is written on the back! 


Besides this being and INCREDIBLE reveal of three mentallly thought of cards, Cody has finally given "Tossed Out Deck" an ENDING! 


You will receive the following items: 


  • 24 special cards (Red Bicycle)
  • 24 gimmicked cards (Red Bicycle)
  • 1 Joker (Red Bicycle)
  • 1 Blank Face Card (Red Bicycle)
  • Special Gimmick
  • 2 Rubber Bands
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Online Video Instructions
  • Online PDF Comedy Script 

Note: There is a ONE TIME set up that you will need to complete. It should only take about 10-15 minutes and is VERY easy to do. I am packaging it this way so that you may choose the names that you want on the cards. I will certainly provide you with the names that I personally use, but you may want to make this deck up in a different language or use names more common to your country.


**This trick can be prepared in any language and you can use any names you want. 

Tossed Out FRED

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