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We have another winning routine from the Master of Commercial Magic, Cody Fisher. His original Three Kid Monte was a great routine…but after many years of tweaking it even more in the real world, Cody has taken his original concept to an entirely NEW performance level!

So what exactly is this? Well…for starters…think ‘banana bandanna’ on steroids…and without all the mess! Cody has taken the standard “coloring book” trick and turned it into a solid 8 minutes of FUN and ENTERTAINMENT!


This routine is perfect for birthday shows, church programs, school shows, family shows, etc.

The audio file was produced in a professional recording studio by professional voice over talent and it sounds incredible! Nothing on the market even comes close to this production quality!

Note: You will need to supply 3 Coloring Books, Three Funny Hats, & Three Hats! The original version (which is no longer available) sold for $150.00. This is your chance to save BIG!

Three Kid Monte

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