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Daryl was an absolute genius when it came to commercial magic routines and his “The (W)hole Thing” is no exception. It is one of those routines that ALWAYS gets a big round of applause because the audience appreciates your ability to memorize the script.


I have always wanted to perform this routine on a large cruise ship stage for crowds up to 1,200+ but the available cards on the market are just too small…Until NOW!


I decided to have some cards made that would work for the LARGEST of stages. The cards are approximately 11 inches x 16 inches. (27 mm x 40 mm) They are made of durable light weight hard foam board and will last a lifetime. The set comes with four cards and a clear protective envelope for transport.


I am also including an official copy of Daryl’s “The (W)hole Thing” parlor size in this package. I would recommend learning the routine with daryl's original cards first (included) and then move up to the GIANT SIZE cards I am including.


NOTE: These GIANT SIZE cards do not come with any instructions that is why I am including a copy of Dary’s original product. As these cards are much larger, you may have to alter “the handling” a bit. It is nothing that a full time professional could figure out.

The (W)hole Thing GIANT SIZE

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