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Cody has taken one of the strongest effects in mentalism and combined it with one of the most memorable reveals to create "The Sigma Revelation".


The Sigma Revelation is Cody’s take on the classic “Add-A-Number” plot combined with the “Ashes On The Arm” reveal. If you are looking for something that packs small, plays big, and will leave them absolutely speechless, then The Sigma Revelation is all you need!


Here is what the audience sees. You take a single blank ungimmicked business card and have three (or four) people from the audience write down a three (or four) digit number. This card is then given (NO SWITCH) to a fourth person with the instructions to add up the numbers to get a total. Once they have a total, they fold the card in half (with the numbers on the inside) and hand it to you.


You now proceed to burn the folded card. Once the card has completely turned to ashes, you ask the last volunteer what the total of the numbers were. You roll up your sleeve and sprinkle the ashes on your forearm. When the ashes are rubbed into your arm, they reveal the total of the added numbers!


This is a real FOOLER for the Add-A-Number plot as only a single blank business card is used. There is absolutely NO SWITCH of the card. 


Note: The PDF explains the routine and everything you will need to perform it. (You may already have what you need in your magic drawer!)

The Sigma Revelation

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