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Welcome to my up to date work on the Professor’s Nightmare. This is the download version and includes only the scripts and instructions on how  to make up a set of professor's nightmare wands. The supplies are easily purchased at any Home Depot.


If you would like the complete package with the ropes already made for you then click HERE.


I have been performing this trick for over 30 years. Over this time, I have developed many presentations for this now-classic of magic. I am probably most known for my comedy club version entitled “Three Ropes & 1,000 Laughs”. However for this project, I want to focus on FIVE other presentations. Some of these routines have been professionally scripted specifically for use with this special set of Professor’s Nightmare ropes. 


In addition to the scripts you will also receive online video instruction with many handling tips and ideas. The real value is the FIVE professionally written scripts straight from my working repertoire. These presentations can be used in a variety of different settings.


Routines include: 


1) Educational Anti-Bully Presentation

2) VERY Funny Family Show / Kid Show Routine

3) Trade Show Sales Presentation

4) Sophisticated Corporate Presentation 

5) Motivational Goal Setting Demonstration

The Professor's Nightmare Project Download

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