If you want to use a borrowed ring with the The Impossible Box (instead of a coin) then you need this slide. Due to many e-mail requests asking me if it was possible to use a ring with The Impossible Box, I decided to have a small batch of these custom slides manufactured. 


The slide is the perfect size and shape and will fit most borrowed rings. This custom manufactured slide is made from lightweight aluminium and lined with felt in order to protect the borrowed ring along its journey. It is the perfect size to use in conjunction with my Impossible Box!  


You will receive the custom made slide and a brief instructional video. You must own The Impossible Box in order to purchase this, otherwise the instructinal video will make no sense to you! 


Note: This slide will work with most small to medium sized rings. Wedding bands are preferable. Large signet or class rings are simply too big. 

The Perfect Ring Slide


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