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Welcome To "The Lemon Board"!


If you have ever wanted to take your signed bill to lemon routine from the realm of close up to the largest of stages, then read on!


The Lemon Board is the ultimate in packs flat / plays big signed bill to lemon routines. An audience volunteer wagers their hard-earned cash in the hopes of winning valuable prizes!


The entire audience helps the onstage volunteer to eliminate three of the four prizes from the game board. Despite their 100% free choice, it appears your volunteer is left with a real “lemon” of a prize.


However, upon cutting open the lemon they find their signed bill making them a winner after all.

The special props do all the work for you so all you have to do is concentrate on the presentation. This is an audience tested routine and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


This prop was made for the working professional. The entire unit rolls up to only 28 inches so it will easily fit in your check in prop bag. It sets up / tears down in about 2 minutes. This prop allows for flexability as you are not limited to any one routine. The Lemon Board will work with just about any signed bill to lemon routine.  


Package Includes:


  • Vinyl “Bet Your Bucks” Game Show Board (28” x 43”)
  • Tripod Stand / Tripod Tray
  • (4) Clear 10” x 12” Velcro Pockets
  • (4) Gimmicked 8” x 12” Metal Prize Cards
  • Bowl Of Fake Lemons (Add Your Own Real Lemon)
  • $5,000 Stack Of Stage Money
  • Laminated Airline Ticket
  • Sports Car Key Chain With Key
  • Ring Box With Diamond Ring
  • A PDF With Cody’s Complete Word-For-Word Script
  • Custom .mp3 File For Walk On Music
  • All The Jokes / Gags / Bit of Business
  • Full Video Performance (Filmed On A Cruise Ship)
  • Video Explanation Plus Tons Of Extra Ideas


NOTE: Soon there will be the following options: English (UK), German, & Spanish.


This will be a limited initial run of 24 units. If you want to be notified when this is available, then add  your email to the newsletter sign up on the STORE page. 


The Lemon Board

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