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NOTE: Before ordering this product please read the information below concerning additional shipping charges!


The Impossible Chair


You invite someone onstage and have them sit on a chair. You borrow a ring and cause it vanish under truly impossible conditions. When your volunteer inquires to the whereabouts of the ring, you say, “You’re sitting on it”! When they stand up to look at their seat, there is nothing there! You then say, “No, not on TOP of the chair, UNDER the chair!


With completely empty hands, you pick up the chair and reach under the seat and pull out a clear box. (The Impossible Box) The box is held closed with six heavy duty rubber bands. The only opening in the box is a tiny hole on one side that is just big enough for a piece of yarn to fit through. Inside the box is a 3-inch ball of yarn that can be seen on all sides.


The box is held by your onstage volunteer as the yarn is pulled through the tiny hole while slowly unwinding the ball of yarn. The audience can clearly see the ball of yarn unwinding from inside the clear box. Once the yarn has completely unwound, it is now revealed that in the center of the yarn ball is a small metal box that is also secured with several rubber bands.


The rubber bands are removed from the clear box and the small metal box is removed. The bands are removed from the small metal box and its contents are shown to be the volunteer’s ring!



"This truly is a packs small / plays big routine. This very special chair does all the work for you. Their actual ring is already inside the small metal box before they even stand up! Once you remove the box from under the seat, you never touch it again..."


This package comes with the following items:


  • The Impossible Chair Gimmick With Custom Chair Cover
  • Special Plexiglas Box
  • Metal Box (Colors May Vary)
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Bands
  • Yarn
  • Cody's Show Stopping Routine entitled “Breaking The Second Rule”
  • Online Video Instruction


Note: The Impossible Chair is a normal functioning folding chair that has been altered for this effect. In it's open position, it is approximately 30 inches tall and 13 inches wide. It packs flat for travel to a compact size of 35 inches long and only 4 inches tall. The chair can support up to 220 lbs and  can be used as a normal chair throughout your show.


The Impossible Chair can be used as a single stand-alone effect, as a kicker ending to your favorite ring and string routine, or as the final climax to a multiphase stand-up routine using a borrowed ring. If you are going to perform my signature routine “Breaking The Second Rule”, you will need your own ring flight and a card to wallet / envelope. (These are standard dealer items)




Each Impossible Chair is custom made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and then another few days to coordinate shipping to your location. The online shopping cart will automatically add a standard shipping fee of $8.30. (Or $18.00 International) YOUR ACTUAL SHIPPING COST WILL BE MORE. Once your chair is complete, I will get a shipping quote for your address. You will PayPal this amount and I will ship it ot you via USPS. 


To give you an idea on shipping, most of my U.S. orders have ranged from $45 - $70 for shipping. My non-U.S. orders have ranged from $75 - $135 for shipping. These are just estimates. Once I have your exact address, I will get you  a custom shipping quote.

The Impossible Chair

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