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The "Impossible Box 2.0" is Cody's solution for the classic "Signed Coin or Borrowed Ring To Ball Of Yarn" effect. It plays equally well for kids and adults and is a real audience FOOLER!


The basic effect is that a signed coin or borrowed ring is made to vanish. A bag is introduced and a clear Plexiglas box is removed. Once the box has been removed from the bag, you NEVER touch it again!


The clear box is held tightly closed with 6 heavy duty rubber bands. The only opening in the box is a tiny hole at the top of the box that is just big enough for a piece of yarn to fit through. Inside the box is a 4-inch ball of yarn that can be seen on all sides. The box is held by your onstage volunteer as the yarn is pulled through the tiny hole while slowly unwinding the ball of yarn.


The audience can clearly see the ball of yarn unwinding from inside the clear box. Once the yarn has completely unwound, it is now revealed that in the center of the yarn ball was a small metal box that is also secured with several rubber bands.


The rubber bands are removed from the clear Plexiglas box. It is taken apart in order to get the small metal box. The bands are removed from the small metal box and its contents are shown to be the signed coin or the borrowed ring!


So what is  DIFFERENT is this version 2.0? The original Impossible Box was only able to accommodate a coin. This newer version 2.0 will allow you to use a signed coin or even a borrowed ring! 


This is truly a packs SMALL / plays BIG routine. This package comes with the following:


  • Gift Bag
  • Special Plexiglas Box (Impossible Box)
  • Metal Coin / Ring Box
  • Rubber Bands
  • Yarn / Holder
  • Coin / Ring Gimmick
  • Cody's Complete Routine
  • Online Instructional Video


*Note: Yarn color and metal box may vary in color.   

The Impossible Box 2.0

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