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This has been Cody's personal "pet" card trick for many years now. It is an entirely self-working routine that leaves audiences absolutely speechless!


The basic premise is that three cards are selected in three completely different ways. One card is freely

touched, one card is merely though of, and one card is randomly cut to. The selection process is EXTREMELY FAIR and the volunteer is ALWAYS given the chance to CHANGE THEIR MIND!


In the end, the trick builds to a theatrical cresendo as you reveal each selection in an INCREASINGLY IMPOSSIBLE MANNER!


Purchasers will receive:


  • Cody's Encore Deck
  • Video Instructions
  • Complete Routine With Additional Ideas


NOTE: This trick is basically self-working thus allowing the performer to concentrate entirely on the audience. Each deck is handmade by Cody and comes ready to perform!


The deck is self-contained and the trick resets instantly making it perferct for strolling situations. This trick can be used as opener, a stand alone card set, or even as your closer. It can be performed for a small group around a table or even in a larger parlour / stand up situation.

The Encore

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