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THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher’s closely-guarded secret for locking in a great impression and increasing your chances of new bookings. Cody Fisher is finally ready to share with you his encore effect that he uses to solidify his relationship with a potential client or contact. You will learn all of the psychology that will take this simple effect and turn it into a mind blowing moment for your new client or contact. This is the effect that they will remember you for…THE DEAL SEALER!


• Online Learning with HD Video
• A Classic Card Trick Taken to the Next Level
• Simple to Do with No Difficult Moves
• Killer Psychology on the 3 1/2 of Clubs Card that Sets this Version Apart from the Rest
• Two Special Cards Included
• Cody Fisher Personally Uses this Routine To Meet and Create Personal Contacts with New Clients

The Deal Sealer

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