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If you are looking for a PACKS FLAT / PLAYS BIG stand-up routine that is filled with lots of comedy and amazing magic then look no further! I am very excited to finally release my effect "Broken Deck" to the magic community.


The Broken Deck represents years of work on the old split deck trick. The effect is classic: Two volunteers each select half of a playing card from a deck that has been “accidentally” broken in half by one volunteer. When the two halves are turned over, they miraculously match!


So What Is So Special About The Broken Deck?


  1. The FIRST and most obvious difference is the look of the deck. Traditional split decks are cleanly cut on the diagonal making them very difficult to handle. The Broken Deck has a very comical (and realistic looking) jagged horizontal cut. It really looks like the deck was “Broken in Half”. This makes the handling much easier and the final display is more visual as the audience can clearly see each half of the card.
  2. The SECOND major difference is the method. Traditional split decks require a rather guarded handling as the cards are held in place with roughing spray. Each Broken Deck is machine cut and assembled using my Magic Card Wand, an incredible re-positional adhesive that allows you the freedom to have your volunteers handle the cards with no fear of them ever separating prematurely.
  3. The THIRD (and major) difference is that you are actually getting an audience tested routine. Traditional split decks are normally sold with barely a paragraph of instructions. When you purchase the Broken Deck, you will receive a complete audience tested routine. Everything from my word-for-word comedy script, staging notes, and even what music I use! The construction of the routine also justifies why you are using the Broken Deck. I have devised a clever presentation where the audience member "accidentially" breaks the deck. This always gets a BIG laugh! Add this prop to your stand up case (or back pocket) and you will always have a solid 10-minutes of fun and amazement for ANY type of audience!


Key Points To Remember:


  • Easy To Perform / No Sleight Of Hand
  • Perfect For Kids Or Adults
  • Packs Small / Plays Big
  • Can Be Used For Close Up Or Stage
  • A Logical Routine That Justifies The Props
  • Special Deck Does All The Work
  • High Quality Machine Cut Jumbo Bicycle Cards (4.5 inches x 7.0 inches) 
  • Each Card Is Treated With The Best Re-Positional Glue On The Market
  • Perform Without Worries As The Cards Will Only Separate When You Need Them To
  • Comes Complete With Word-For-Word Comedy Script, Staging Notes, & Music Cues
  • A Sold 10-Minute Performance Piece From A Full Time Working Professional


Supply Note: Each Broken Deck Is Custom Machine Cut & Hand Assembled So Supplies Are Very Limited. If You Think You Want One, I Encourage You To Order Now As I May Not Be Able To Have These Made Ever Again...


Shipping NoteThe Broken Deck Will Ship Out By May 13th, 2020...But To Be Honest I Think They Will Ship Out Much Sooner! 

The Broken Deck

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