If you are looking for an EXCITING card trick that gets BIG REACTIONS then you need the Boa Box!


The trick begins when you introduce your Boa Box, an intriguing little box that fits in the palm of your hand. You open the box to show it completely empty but announce that inside the box is your invisible Baby Boa. The box is closed and placed on the spectator’s outstretched palm.


Next a playing card is selected and signed by the volunteer. The card is lost back in the middle of the deck. You announce that your invisible baby boa will now find the selected card. After some comedy byplay, the signed card then vanishes from the deck.


Your volunteer is now instructed to open the Boa Box. Much to everyone’s surprise your baby boa JUMPS OUT of the box with a folded card in its mouth! The folded card is cleanly removed and shown to be the volunteer's signed card!


You Will Receive:


  • The Boa Box 
  • Custom Made Spring Snake (With Sure Fire Card Switching Mechanism In Mouth)
  • Video Instructions
  • Additional Ideas (Signed Card / Non-Signed Card / Pseudo Signed Card / Super EZ No-Fold Method)


Note: The Boa Box can easily be customized for various themes. Cody will tell you how to make your Boa Box look spooky for Halloween shows or even look like a Christmas / Birthday present. Cody will also share his “direct source link” for these little boxes should you want to purchase more (at cost) in order to make up several different theme boxes for different shows!  


The snake that Cody provides was custom made specifically for this trick. They are super high quality and will last a long time. The mechanism in the snake’s mouth (for switching the folded card) is 100% sure fire, looks GREAT, and is EASY to do. There are no electronics or fragile threads to worry about. 


The Boa Box is small enough to perform in walk around or close up situations and yet  visual enough for stand up and stage shows. Place the Boa Box in your case and you will have 8 minutes of solid magic any time you need it! This trick will get STRONG REACTIONS for years to come!

The Boa Box


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