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The BIG TIPPER is finally here! 


A few years ago, Cody released his "Tiny Tipper". It has been long unavailable as the necessary jars are no longer manufactured. As luck would have it, Cody found a jar which he actually prefers more. It is larger than the previous jar and has a special "design feature" which makes the handling WAY better!  


This is your chance to finally own Cody's opener for the past 21 years! A guaranteed laugh getting bit that serves as a comedic running gag throughout your entire show!  


Do you have a routine where you need to borrow a bill? Is that bill going to be signed and eventually end up in an impossible location? Are you tired of placing borrowed bills in envelopes for no reason at all?


Let's face it, these days no venues will allow you to burn the bill and nobody wants THEIR bill in an envelope YOU just licked anyway! (YUCK!) If you need a funny / logical reason to borrow a bill, then you definitely need Cody Fisher’s “Big Tipper”!


Tell Me MORE!


O.K. at the beginning of your show you announce you are going to do a MONEY TRICK. You borrow a bill from a volunteer and have it signed. Then imagine the look on their face as you cleanly and fairly place their signed bill into your TIP JAR! You announce that if you have enough time at the end of the show you will do the money trick.


The money is on display throughout your entire show. In fact, it serves as a VERY FUNNY “running gag” throughout your performance. At the conclusion of your act, you can produce the signed bill from anywhere you want. (A wallet, a lemon, an orange, a walnut, or ANYWHERE YOU WANT MAGIC DUDE!)


So, what exactly is this? This is a specially gimmicked "Tip Jar" that will allow you to secretly “steal out” a bill from it under the eyes of the most watchful spectators. It is based on a idea Cody published in MUM Magazine 21 years ago and is still a part of his act today.


Cody has lectured with this comedy prop for years and magicians have been asking him to have it professionally produced for a long time. Well now is your chance to have a custom made “Big Tipper” for your act!


You will receive the handmade Tip Jar (U.S. bills included), Cody’s complete word-for-word 4-page comedy script. Instructional video, & Live Performance Video . Cody shares all the funny lines, gags, and bits of business that change the boring procedure of borrowing a bill into MANY BIG LAUGHS throughout your show. Perfect for formal close up shows, stand up shows, or stage shows! 


Each jar is handmade by Cody so supplies are VERY LIMITED.


NOTE: This prop works GREAT with Cody's Comedy Signed Bill to Lemon!


Non-U.S. Magicians: All Big Tippers come ready to use with U.S. currency. It is a simple matter to remove the fake U.S. currency and replace it with fake currency from your own country. 

The Big Tipper

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