These Will Ship Out September 28, 2020


Finding "card tricks" that work well for stand up or stage is not an easy task. For this performance environment you need them to be:


  • Easy To Understand
  • Big & Visual So Everyone Can See
  • Interactive For The Entire Audience
  • Fun & Amazing


The Big Finish has all of these attributes packed into 8-minutes of Packs Flat / Plays Big comedy gold.


The basic routine is that your volunteer eliminates groups of cards as you toss the unwanted cards into a small bag. When they are left with just one card, this is the volunteer’s selection. The selected card is dropped into the bag and the volunteer mixes the cards by shaking the bag. After a failed attempt and a several comedy bits, ALL the cards disappear as the bag magically changes into a large silk with the selected card printed on it!


You are supplied with the following items:


  • Special Gaff Deck (Made With Cody's Magic Card Wand)
  • Jumbo Gag Card
  • Bag To Card Prop (With Custom Alterations)
  • Eight Page PDF Script (With Staging Notes, Jokes, Gags, & Music Cues)
  • Online Training Video With Additional Ideas, Tips, Gags, & MORE


Note: You receive everything you need to perform this routine right out of the box. Cody's has had his seamstress alter each "Bag To Card" prop with special reinforced pull tabs so this prop will last a LONG time. It is a beautiful quality product made for the working professional. This prop is normally sold with limited instructions and no routine. When you purchase it from Cody you are getting the custom props AND a fully scripted routine that is ready to be added to your show! 


Since each unit is hand assembled and then altered, they take quite a bit of time to produce. I will initially have 12 units made. (6 BLACK BAGS that display the KS / 6 RED BAGS that display the QH) Please make sure you indicate which bag you want upon checkout.


If you find that this item is sold out, please contact me so I can add your name to the waiting list for batch number two! 

The BIG Finish


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