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The "Amazing Chair To Briefcase" is Cody's unique take on this old classic from the days of vaudeville. This chair to briefcase has been completely redesigned for the working professional. 


The prop was built by master carpenter John Thompson. They are constructed from the finest quality of Baltic Birch wood and have many unique features incorporated into the design. The closed briefcase measures 17.5 in x 3.5 in x 7.5 in (LxWxH) and has beautifully rounded edges all around. When it is in the opened position, the chair is a whopping 31 inches tall!


Another feature of this new design are the 20 strategically placed embedded magnets throughout the prop. They give the prop a little extra added stability when it is in the fully open chair position and also help to keep the briefcase shut when in the closed position. 


On top of the briefcase are two sturdy handles and at that bottom you will find 4 offset rubber stoppers. These help to protect the prop when not in use. 


The back seat of the chair was specifically designed to have two "lips". Not only does this feature make the chair look more realistic, these lips are perfect for hanging props such as ropes or rings. While the chair is certainly NOT sturdy enough to sit on, it is sturdy enough to hold your prop case or other items during your show. 


Like all of Cody's offerings you are not just buying a prop, you are buying a wealth of information on how to incorporate this unique item into your show. You will learn:


  • Ideas for using this as a funny silent opener
  • How to present this as a tongue-in-cheek dramatic closer
  • How to set this up for a comedic closer aka "The Vanishing Chair" 
  • How to use this as a call back as you exit the stage
  • A very funny McCombical type presentation


NOTE: Shipping has already been added to the price for all U.S. orders. If you are ordering outside the U.S. additional shipping charges will apply.  


The Amazing Chair To Briefcase

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