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This is Cody Fisher’s long awaited work on the Invisible Deck. These routines have fooled top names in magic and have never been in print until now! You will learn the most deceptive, most diabolical routines for the INVISIBLE DECK ever created.


These notes contain:


  • Invisibility-A killer stand up version of Invisible Deck.


  • Totally Invisible-You will fool yourself with this version…because the deck can be shown on BOTH sides. Includes detailed instructions on how to make this incredible deck!


  • Total Invisibility-This is Cody’s most deceptive version of the Invisible Deck. This is the one that Cody uses at magic conventions to fool some of the Top Names in the business. This is truly a reputation making effect!


“Your presentation & handling for the Invisible Deck is the most clever and commercial I have ever seen.”

–Johnny Thompson


“Your version of the Invisible Deck is absolutely PHENOMENAL!”

–Marc DeSouza

Secrets Of Invisibility E-Book

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