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Introducing an engrossing, entertaining, and totally baffling Razor blade-eating routine with a twist…of lime!


Have you been looking for a Razor blade swallowing routine that actually makes sense, is easy to perform, highly entertaining, AND totally fooling? “Peter The Adequate” has created a razor blade eating routine with a completely undetectable method, because as far as the audience can tell, there are NO magic props for switching blades! Every item used in this routine is commonplace and integral to the logic of the routine. Every move has a natural reason and is appropriate to the situation. There is absolutely nothing awkward or artificial in any of the moves or props!


The premise is simple. The magician swallows five sharp Razor blades and chases each with a shot of tequila, a squeeze of lime and a dash of salt. After much drama and comedy, including getting progressively drunker as the routine goes on and even slightly cutting his finger on one of the blades (enough to draw blood!), the magician starts to floss his teeth, (to remove some of the lime!) and ends up almost swallowing the floss by mistake! In the end he pulls out all five blades strung on to the strand of dental floss!


Note: This E-Book goes over every detail you will need to master this wonderfully entertaining routine. You may have some of the props already…the rest of them can be purchased for around $20.00.

Razor Shots E-Book

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