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If you are looking for a professional ring flight device then look no further. Cody has been refining his Ring Flight gimmick for many years and the results are a professional product that works right every single time.


Note: This is the same gimmick that was sold with Cody's original  "Ring Flight Transposition", but with a few improvements.  


Key Features


  • The key case is black leather and is ~ 6 cm x 10 cm
  • The case has been gimmicked to "lock shut" after the ring is revealed. This allows for a beautiful fingertip display without the fear of flashing the gimmick
  • It has a zipper enclosure all around that allows for Cody's very unique ring reveal
  • The leather pull tab and industrial zipper makes the case super easy to open / close
  • The industrial reel uses a tangle free black cord (as opposed to cheap monofilament) 
  • It includes a special belt clip for Cody's "no fumble / instant ring attachment" method
  • All three key clips are identical so the prop looks completely natural
  • The key clip is easy to  attach and will hold the borrowed ring securely in place
  • Comes complete with 2 cut keys so you are ready to go upon opening the package
  • Includes online video instruction with many tips and handling ideas


Note: This product is being released in conjunction with Cody's (soon to be released) "The Impossible Chair"


Professional Ring Flight

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