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This is the ULTIMATE in packs flat / plays big stand-up magic direct from Cody's cruise ship act! It’s Funny, Magical, & Musical!


Introducing "Name That Card!" Imagine a card trick that meets all the following criteria:


  • Packs Flat / Plays Big
  • 100% Commercial
  • Funny AND Fooling
  • Audience Interaction
  • No Need For Onstage Volunteer
  • A Totally UNIQUE Premise (Professionally Written Song Just For This Effect!)
  • Practically Self-Working
  • Instantly Re-Sets
  • Can Use A Different Name For Repeat Gigs


This is Cody's stand-up version of the classic "Name Trick" but with a MUSICAL TWIST! Imagine this, you ask a member of the audience to think of any card in the deck and announce that you will NAME THE CARD they are merely thinking of. After a bit of concentration, you proudly announce that THE NAME of the card they are thinking of is "FRED". (Or whatever name you want it to be!)


Your audience volunteer of course looks confused so you attempt to explain what is going on. You say that since you spend so much time with playing cards that you have actually given them all individual names! The card they thought of (4H for example) is placed aside and you show the other 51 cards are all different. You now mention that you actually wrote a song about all the cards and their names!


You play the song as you turn the cards over one by one to reveal the various names on the backs of the cards. The song is funny (and annoyingly catchy) and has 51 unique names. The song ends in a unique manner so that you can dramatically turn over their thought of card to show the name FRED on the back! (Again this can be whatever name YOU want!) 


This is a VERY UNIQUE routine that you can immediately add to your show!


You will receive:


  • Jumbo Bicycle Deck
  • Name That Card .MP3 / .WAV (With Vocals)
  • Name That Card .MP3 / .WAV (Instrumental / In Case YOU Want To Sing!)
  • Bonus Ideas
  • Video Instructions With Live Performance
  • Full Performance Rights


Note: The "Name Song" was written and produced by a professional singer / songwriter specifically for THIS TRICK. I went through many variations of length, tempo, names, jokes, and styles to produce a unique piece of custom magic for my stand up show. Now I am offering it to you! 

Name That Card

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