NOTE: I have THREE of these IN STOCK..They will never be made again!


Many purchasers of my Impossible Box have asked me about the picture frame that I use. This is a gimmicked frame that shows a picture of a "serious grandma" then it magically changes to a "surprised grandma". It is the climax of the routine and never fails to get "Ooohs and Aaahs"!


I use this prop during my Impossible Box presentation however you could use this for ANY TRICK where the presentation was about fooling (or surprising) your grandma. It makes a wonderful ending to any presentation and the possibilities are endless! 


In the beginning I was using a very crude "homemade" prop. However after performing with it for a long time, and seeing just how POWERFUL the reactions were, I decided to have them professionally made. 


This prop is hand made by a seasoned illusion builder. The materials used are top quality and mechanism is 100% sure fire. With proper care, this prop will last a lifetime! 

Magic Picture Frame


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