Greeting magic friends. Thanks for your interest in this very limited product offer. This item is not something that I will be regularly carrying in my store and will not be sold at lectures. In fact I will only be able to produce around 30 units as this is the most I could get my seamstress to commit to. 


Lord Of The Hanks is a custom made vanishing handkerchief utility device. Each one is hand made by my professional seamstress using the highest quality material on the market. This is not some poorly made / mass produced dealer item. This is a utility device for working professionals.


This beautiful SOLID RED handkerchief will vanish:


  1. A rolled up bill
  2. A folded bill
  3. A folded playing card
  4. A billet
  5. A ring
  6. A coin (quarter or half dollar) 


Because the gimmicks are made of PVC they are extremely light weight so there is no "pull" on the fabric. When the item has vanished, the handkerchief looks completely empty.


Also, since the internal gimmicks are all made of PVC, the handkerchief can be safely washed without fear of them coming apart or damaging the fabric in the process.


Most handkerchiefs on the magic market are about $30.00 and they only vanish 1 item. The “Lord Of All Hanks” will vanish 6 different items and should be THE LAST vanishing handkerchief you will ever need to buy!

Lord Of The Hanks


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