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Lord Of The Hanks 2.0 is a custom made utility device for professional magicians. The original Lord Of All Hanks was a complete success and I sold out of them immediately. This newer 2.0 version has all the same features as the original, but also includes the Devil's Hank feature! Each one is hand made using the highest quality material on the market. This is not some poorly made / mass produced dealer item. This is a professional grade utility device for working pros.


Lord Of The Hanks 2.0 is a beautifully made 17.5 in x 17.5 in elegant red handkerchief. The secret Devil's Hank pocket is approximately 9.0 in x 9.0 inches. There are four PVC gimmicks that have been sewn into each corner that will enable you to switch or vanish the following objects:


  • A rolled up bill
  • A folded bill
  • A folded playing card
  • A billet
  • A ring
  • A coin


Because the four gimmicks are made of PVC, they are extremely light weight so there is no "pull" on the fabric. When the item has vanished, the handkerchief looks completely empty.


Also, since the internal gimmicks are all made of PVC, the handkerchief can be safely washed without fear of them coming apart or damaging the fabric in the process.


Most quality utility handkerchiefs on the magic market range $30 up to  $75 and they only serve a single function. Lord Of All Hanks 2.0 will replace ALL your other utility handkerchiefs. It truly is "One Hank To Rule Them All".

Lord Of The Hanks 2.0

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