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The Perfect Prop To Produce One (Or Two) Decks Of Cards!


The Lightning Bag is a very high quality production bag. These are not the cheap bags that are typically sold online. These bags were custom made for my own show and have several unique features that make them a workers dream. 


The Lightning Bag is available in two sizes. The regular bag can be used to produce one (or two) standard size decks of playing cards and the large bag can easily produce one (or two) jumbo decks. The bags are made from a high quality material and are built to last. The small bag has a foam rod at the top that helps the bag to "keep it shape" after the deck production. The larger bag has a wooden dowel in the top hem that helps keep the bag nice and flat before, during, and after the deck production.  


While you can use this prop to produce a single deck, both bags can easily hold 2 decks of cards in the secret compartment. This is very helpful when you have an effect that requires 2 decks but you only want the audience to be aware of one of them!  The actual deck production looks like trick photography; the deck just magically appears inside the bag! 


This bag is the perfect addition to any Invisible Deck type routine or even my marketed effect The Impossible Red X. (That's what I use it for!)  


Since each bag is hand made, they will be a limited supply. When they are gone, they are gone!


Purchasers will receive the following: 


  • Custom Made Bag 
  • Online Video Instructions With Additional Tips, Routines, & Unique Ideas 


Important: Since there are two different sizes, make sure you are ordering the correct size! 

The Lightning Bag

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