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Library Books is a FUNNY (but educational) "Coloring Book" presentation about the MANY different kinds of books you can find in your library AND how to properly care for them.


This 10-minute audience tested routine is both FUN and INTERACTIVE for the entire audience and will have the parents and librarians singing your praise. During the routine you will get the kids excited about reading as you magically demonstrate how to properly take care of books. Everyone loves the magic AND the message!   


This presentation can even be used for a zoom show. 


You are supplied with: 


  • Complete Word-For-Word Downloadable PDF Script & All The Copyright Free Artwork


Note: You will need to supply your own "Coloring Book" and be able to print out the custom artwork. Once you have your pictures printed, the one time "set up" only takes a few minutes!  


This is truly a PACKS SMALL but PLAYS BIG effect. It's FUNNY, it's EDUCATIONAL, and can be added to any library / school / daycare show. All the work has been done for you so you can add an extra 10 minutes of fun and education to your act. 

Library Books

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