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Note: This is the original version of Killer Prediction. It contains most the information on the Killer Prediction DVD with a few minor exceptions. If you want to see a live performance of Killer Prediction in action we suggest you purchase the updated DVD version. 


The magician introduces a cased deck of cards as his prediction. Next three volunteers are randomly selected by tossing out three paper balls. One at a time, each volunteer VERY fairly decides upon one aspect of a playing card by choosing the color, the suit, value, etc. (For Example TEN OF HEARTS)


Once the card has been FREELY chosen, the magician shows that there is in fact one card face up in the deck…it is the freely chosen card…AND it has a different color back that the rest of the deck! This alone is GREAT…but here’s the kicker!

The three audience volunteers that are holding the three crumpled up paper balls are instructed to open the balls and hold the papers high above their heads. The fist paper says TEN, the second paper says OF, and the last paper says HEARTS!

Everything fully explained including Cody’s corporate handling and Comedy Club version using a Tabloid!


You will need either an Invisible Deck or a Brainwave Deck. You will also need one other item that can be purchased for under $10.00.


Note: Download Also Includes Instructions in German

Killer Prediction E-Book

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