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I am VERY excited to announce that my Killer Prediction DVD is finally here!


“This stand up routine is straight out of my corporate show” —Cody S. Fisher


The Effect

You introduce a cased deck of cards as your prediction. Then by tossing three different colored paper balls into the audience, three spectators are randomly chosen. Together they freely select the identity of a single playing card.

You then reveal that there is only one card face up in your prediction deck…it is the FREELY chosen card! Not only that, but the card has a different color back than the rest of the deck! For the KILLER ending, the three audience volunteers are instructed to open their paper balls and hold them high above their heads. Unbelievably, the first paper reads TEN, the second paper reads OF, and the last paper reads HEARTS. The three papers match the FREELY chosen card!


The DVD features a live performance of the routine and detailed explanation.I sincerely hope you enjoy this latest effect from my current stand up act. As always…Thanks so much for your support!


Note: Download Also Includes Instructions in German

Killer Prediction

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