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Gone Fishing is Cody's take on the now classic "Lasso Card Trick"! 


You introduce your grandpa's old fishing bag. Inside the bag is a deck of cards and a piece of rope. After "showing off" several trick knots and many jokes later, you decide to show the audience your grandpa's favorite card trick. 


A card is selected, put back in the deck, and shuffled by the volunteer. To make it even more impossible, you have the volunteer drop the deck into the empty fishing bag. The rope is lowered into the bag in order to show the audience one final knot; your magical fishing knot! As you tell one final joke, the volunteer shakes the bag vigorously. When the rope is raised from the bag, there is one card tied to the end of the rope. Believe it or not, it is the previously selected card! 


So what makes this routine so special? First, the custom fishing bag (lighting bag) makes the handling very clean. Second, Cody has redesigned the Lasso Card gimmick and made it MUCH more deceptive; giving you the abiity to show the card much more freely. Finally, Cody has taken this classic effect and developed it into a professional routine that is perfect for kid shows, family shows, even corporate events. The custom made props do 99% of the work for you, so you can focus on entertaining your audiences right away!  


You Will Receive: 


  • Custom Fishing Bag Gimmick
  • Updated Lasso Card Gimmick In Bicycle Blue AND Bicycle Red
  • Detailed Instructions For Changing Your Gimmick To Any Deck
  • Special Rope For The Knot Tricks
  • Online Video Instructions On: 
    • The Basic Routine / Set-Up / Performance Instructions
    • The Signed Card Version (Palming & Non-Palming) 
    • The Pseudo-Signed Card Version (So Devious!) 
  • A PDF Of Cody's Complete 7-10 minute Word-For-Word Comedy Script 


*Supply Your Own Deck Of Cards

Gone Fishing

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