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For a long time I was looking for a Devil's Handnkerchief that would be more visible from stage. I also wanted one that could be used to vanish larger items. Finally, I wanted one that would be easy to clean after performing the "vanishing banana" trick. After weeks of searching, I realized that this handkerchief did not exist!


Leave it to my good friend "Peter The Adequate" to come up with the perfect design! Peter is a full time working professional. He designed this from the ground up. He went through several prototypes of various designs. Every aspect of this utility device has been carefully thought out.


  • Overall Size Of The Handkerchief
  • Choice Of Material
  • Pattern Of The Material
  • Buttons Around Pocket For Tactile Location
  • Depth Of The Pocket
  • Special Parachute Lining Of The Pocket
  • Waterproofing Process   


The Devil's Ultimate Hank is 23 inches by 25 inches. It is made from a thicker (more durable) material than other versions on the market. The pattern design of the material is perfect camoflage for vanished items. The color and pattern create suble shadows that help to hide the dirty work.  The hidden pocket is easily found by touch as there are two buttons sewn into that side of the handkerchief. Unlike the traditional deisgn, the Devil's Ultimate Hank has a secret pocket that extends well beyond the center point of the handkerchief. This allows for larger loads and also avoids that tell-tell buldge "in the middle" of the cloth after the vanish. The secret pocket is made from a lightweight parachute material that has been treated with a waterproof spray. This makes the handkerchief the perfect utility prop for your vanishing banana routine. Simply pull the pocket inside out and wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready to use it over and over again.


At this time we only have 8 available for sale. Product ships with single page of instructions. 

Devils Ultimate Hank

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