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Cody's Comedy Signed Bill To Lemon


Are you looking to add a little comedy to your show? Ever wanted to perform the now classic signed bill to lemon routine? Do you want the routine to be super easy with tons of built in automatic laugh spots? The wait is over! Cody is finally releasing his latest incarnation of this awesome effect!


Let's face it, the signed bill to lemon is the one trick your audience always talks about after the show. In this version the signed bill does in fact end up inside a lemon but only after some comical decision making by the audience. 


After the bill is signed, it is put away for safe keeping and held by an audience member. A bag is introduced and shown to contain a deck of special picture cards. Each picture is something that could possibly fit inside the empty bag. You announce that whatever card is chosen, THAT item will magically appear inside the bag. The cards are eliminated in a very funny manner as every card has a built in joke! Finally, the last card it's a lemon! You know the rest...or do you?  


You will receive:


  • Special comedy card deck
  • Bag
  • Envelopes
  • PDF joke file for every joke card
  • PDF file with Cody's word-for-word comedy script
  • Video instructions


This Routine Perfect For 


  • Stand up
  • Close up
  • Parlor shows
  • Family shows
  • Anytime you want a super funny / super magical routine


Note: Download Also Includes Instructions in German

Cody's Comedy Signed Bill To Lemon

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