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These Are Custom Made To Order / Please Contact Me If Interested


The magician displays a “magic key” clipped inside a zippered key case. The key case is closed and placed in the magicians back pocket. A ring is borrowed and placed inside a bandana. The ring is made to apparently vanish in a very comical manner.


The magician admits to merely swallowing the ring in order to show off his unique skills of regurgitation. When the magician attempts to regurgitate the ring, the "magic key" is seen to be in its place. When the zippered key case is opened, the borrowed ring is shown to be clipped where the magic key once was.


This routine comes straight from Cody's current stand up show. It is jam packed with funny audience participation, comedy, hilarious bits of business, an unexpected plot twist, and a magical ending that no one will see coming! 


Purchasers Of This Routine Will Receive:


  • 2 custom ring flight key cases (one gimmicked / one examinable) 
  • 2 special magnetic keys
  • 1 Custom made magnetic ring vanishing / key production hank
  • 1 Ring Flight Belt Clip
  • 1 Novelty Mood Ring
  • PDF Instructions With Cody's Word-For-Word Comedy Script
  • Online Video Training  


Cody's Comedy Ring Flight Transposition is the ultimate in packs small / plays BIG stage stand up routines. Each set is hand made by Cody so supplies are VERY limited. 

Cody's Comedy Ring Flight Transposition

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