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Cody's Comedy Egg Bag is a professionally written routine that is perfect for KIDS or ADULTS. If you have been searching for an egg bag routine that is very well thought out, well scripted (jokes, gags, & bits), and is easy to do, then look no further!


I have put quite a bit of thought into this multiphase routine. Each phase feels COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and the overall effect is actually very magical!


Since I wasn't able to find the perfect type of bag that is needed for this routine, I decided to have some custom made! This bag is absolutely perfect for the working professional. It is a Malini style bag but with a Tartan pattern. This pattern helps to hide the gimmick and also allows for some very special handlings and super clean displays.


The material is slightly thicker thus making it more durable and helps to hide any unwanted 'bulges' normally associated with other egg bags. I have also designed the bag to be about 1-inch wider than similar bags making it super easy to perform the necessary moves. The bag is the same color inside and out so the gimmick is almost invisible.


Besides the custom made bag, you will also receive a VERY special egg. This is not a "magic prop" and is actually larger, whiter, and slightly heavier than your typical prop egg. This wooden egg looks VERY realistic and its size and weight work perfectly with the bag.


Finally, I will teach you my comedy routine for the egg bag. I use the same routine for both kids and adults. It is packed with funny lines, comedy bits, jokes, and built in situational comedy for your onstage volunteer. The instructional video will walk you through all the features of the bag, the special egg, and the entire routine step-by-step.


As an added BONUS I will share my two favorite KICKER endings for the egg bag!

Cody's Comedy Egg Bag

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