Think You Know “Bill To Lemon”…Think Again!


“My version of “Bill To Lemon” has been off the market for many years now. During this time I have received TONS of e-mails from magicians all over the world asking me if I was ever going to “re-release” this effect to the magic fraternity. The short answer is Yes & No! The original version came with a custom pre-made gimmick. (Lemon Loading Device) These were very time consuming to mass produce and my current performance schedule will simply not allow for me to make these anymore. This brings us to “Bet Your Bucks Version II”.


If you are willing to put in a little thought and a little effort, you can build your very own “Bet Your Bucks” gimmick! In version II you will receive a detailed manuscript outlining the Bet Your Bucks gimmick, the original instructional DVD for the Bet Your Bucks routine, and a CD with my pre-recorded copyright free comedy introduction. For more than 10 years, this routine has served as my comedy opener, continues on as a ‘running gag’ throughout my show, and finally brings my performance to an impossible finale.” –Cody Fisher   


The Routine:

First of all from an entertainment viewpoint it is VERY commercial. The routine begins with some very funny custom music as the volunteer walks on stage. Cody presents the effect like a “game show” called “Bet Your Bucks”. After the volunteer “loans” the magician some money he gets a chance to try and win his money back!


Finally at the end of the game, after losing their money, the volunteer is awarded a consolation prize…The Bag Of Mystery! IMPORTANT NOTE: The sealed bag was handed out to a member of the audience BEFORE the game even started! This is a real fooler! The volunteer opens the bag to find a lemon and a small knife! You never touched the bag, the lemon, or the knife! The volunteer actually cuts the lemon open to discover their signed bill!


The Details:

The effect is KILLER and the method is completely self-working, allowing the performer to concentrate entirely on presentation!


Cody’s version has solved many of the standard problems that are normally associated with this effect. First of all, Cody’s routine provides wonderful justification for borrowing / signing the bill. This is absolutely hysterical and actually becomes a running gag throughout the show.


Secondly, Cody has solved the “lemon loading” process. This is normally the most difficult part of any bill to lemon routine. Leave it to a “worker” to make it this easy! Believe it or not, you will actually be able to load a signed bill into a lemon right in front of the audience and they will have NO CLUE! This is the diabolical method that fools even magicians who are familiar with the trick! There are no sleights, no bold moves, etc. In fact, when the bill is loaded there is actually “NO HEAT” on the load as the audience perceives something completely different.


Finally, when the lemon is produced it is actually examinable! Yes that’s right, the lemon is completely sealed at both ends just like mother nature intended it to be! The volunteer can actually cut the lemon open and remove their signed bill themselves!


Cody is also providing a professionally recorded CD with his custom game show introduction “Bet Your Bucks”. It’s a very funny and commercial way to present this KILLER effect. However, one of the advantages of this gimmick is that you are not limited to any single routine. If you already have a routine that you use, you can simply incorporate Cody’s loading and sealing gimmicks into your existing routine! The loaded lemon can appear ANYWHERE you want…a sealed bag, nest of boxes, etc. With this device you are so far ahead of the audience, the possibilities are endless…


What You Get:

You are supplied with the necessary instruction you will need to add this miracle to your show:


  • Written / DVD instructions on how to make the “Bet Your Bucks” loading device

  • Instructions for making custom “lemon sealing” gimmicks

  • Audience tested routines & ideas for stand up, stage, & formal close up shows (not practical for strolling magic) 

  • Custom CD with professionally recorded introduction for Cody’s game show presentation for “Bet Your Bucks” 

  • Over Three hours of DVD instructions with several additional tips & ideas

  • Full performance rights for “Bet Your Bucks”


Before You Order Please Read:

This product is NOT the complete “Bet Your Bucks” package that was originally sold for $350.00. Bet Your Bucks Version II only includes a CD, instructional DVD, and written instructions. NO GIMMICKS are included! You will have to make your own lemon loading gimmick and sealing gimmicks.


I recently built myself a new gimmick and the total cost was well under $15.00. It took me around an hour put it all together. Concerning ‘difficulty’ of construction–Basically, if you can cut a hole into a plastic jar you should have no trouble making your gimmick. If you have a friend that is handy with tools, have them make it! Concerning the sealing gimmicks–If you can download an image from the internet and print from your compuer you should have no trouble making them.

Cody Fisher’s Bill To Lemon


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