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During This Live Audience Stand Up Show, Cody Will Perform & Explain The Following Routines!


Killer Prediction / Invisible Stripper

-Cody will teach you how to assemble KILLER PREDICTION for under $10.00
-You will learn Cody's unique dual reality Invisible Deck
-You will learn how to make an Invisible Stripper Deck
-Cody will teach you how to make an Invisible deck that can immediately be used as a normal deck


Cody’s Comedy Book Test

-Updated Routine / Lines / Bit of Business
-For those that don't own this… Cody has devised a "No Book / Make It Yourself" version that is perfect for comedy shows and MC's


Cody’s Comedy Bill to Lemon

-Cody will teach you his audience tested "Comedy Signed Bill In Lemon" trick, then show you how to make this up on your own
-Cody will introduce you to a very special lemon sealing gimmick (Citrus)


Cody's Comedy Color Changing Half Dyed Silk Routine


-Cody will teach his super commercial (and very easy) half dyed silk opener! 

Cody Fisher Penguin Live Act

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