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NOTE: You may see this on other magic sites, BUT when you purchase the gimmick from me...I am including a free video download with all my tips, ideas, loading methods, transport notes, AND my HOLY GRAIL bill to lemon concept which allows you to have the lemon in the audience at the beginning of the show! This information is only available when you order directly from THIS site. 


O.K. magic friends I want to share something VERY cool with you!


Imagine being able to perform your favorite signed bill to lemon routine and at the end the lemon is completlely examinable! In fact once the bill is loaded, you could even let the volunteer cut the lemon open! With Citrus you can do just that!


Citrus is an amazing new utility gimmick that will allow you to load a signed bill (or card) inside a lemon and and it looks completely sealed! So good in fact that the volunteer will never suspect anything but a sealed lemon.


Once the bill in loaded and sealed, you can handle the lemon naturally as there are no holes to hide and the lemon can be seen from all around. Add this amazing new gimmick to your existing bill in lemon routine and take it to the next level. 


Citrus is NOT a sticker or a pach that requires expensive refills. This is a custom made utility gimmick that you can use over and over and it will last a lifetime! The loading / sealing process only takes a second and you are completly free to hand the lemon out.  


Get yours today and upgrade your bill in lemon to MIRACLE status!  


NOTE: This gimmick is available in three sizes. The C1 gimmick is slightly larger and easier to work with. The C2 gimmick is smaller. Both the C1 & C2 work well with lemons or oranges. The K1 gimmick is perfect for Kiwi. 


Citrus Bill To Lemon Gimmick

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