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In this E-Book you will find 11 “workers” from Cody’s 2006 Magic Castle lecture.

Partial contents include:


Sleeves Up Mercury—A completely invisible and totally silent method of folding a card. Can be done quickly or slowly…and is totally silent!


Killing Time—Originally published in Cody’s UK lecture notes…a real magician fooler!


Impossible Signed Card To Any Wallet—No special wallet…No palming!


Final Fusion—The MOST IMPOSSIBLE signature fusion routine around. Cody performed this on his Germany lecture tour…this is THE FIRST time this has been released in the U.S.


All’s Fair Sandwich—A sandwich routine specifically designed to fool magicians!


In-Jog Riffle Force—The easiest (and most fair) manner to force a card.


Plus 5 More Miracles…

Back At The Castle Again E-Book

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