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This is Cody's version of the legendary "Any Card At Any Number" trick. Cody always felt that the most interetsting thing about the trick was NOT the actual trick itself, but rather "the story about the trick"!




You begin by telling your audience about several standard card tricks within the realm of magic. You know like the "pick a card" trick or "the 4 ace" trick. You then begin to weave a story about the HOLY GRAIL of all card tricks--The legendary "Any Card At Any Number" trick.


You explain the trick to the audience as you talk about many of the different versions that magicians have come up with over the years. In fact you just purchased a new book on card tricks because you noticed that it happen to have a version of it in there.


You introduce your new book entitled "52 Amazing Card Tricks" and say that you would like to perform the ACAAN trick from this book, but you are not able to because you forgot to bring a deck of cards. You ask someone to freely name ANY CARD. (For example 3H) You then ask someone to freely name ANY NUMBER from 1-52. (For example 37)


Interesting, the 3H and the number 37. Just out of curiosity you start flipping through your new card trick book to see what the 37th card trick is. You display different card tricks on every page. When you finally arrive at the 37th card trick in the book it is shown to be non other than the "Any Card At Any Number" trick!  The other 51 card tricks in the book have completely different titles.


You then remove your hand that was covering the bottom part of the page to reveal that there is a post it note stuck to that page and to that page only. Written on the post it note is "You Will Name The 3H"!


This amazing performance piece can be performed close up, stand up, or even stage. 


You will receive:


  • Specially printed book "52 Amazing Card Tricks" (Looks like a regular book store book)
  • Video instructions for the no deck version outlined above
  • Plus instructions on several other versions and variations


Note: Depending on which version you decided to use, you may need to purchase an additional item or deck of cards. My guess is that most magicians will already have these other items in their collection! ;-) 

The Any Card At Any Number Book Trick

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