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What makes a GREAT stand up, parlor, or stage trick? Well it must have instant audience appeal or an emotional hook like gambling or money. It must be easy to understand, and it usually has some sort of KICKER ending that the audience did not see coming! Introducing Cody Fisher’s $200 CARD TRICK!

What the audience sees:


The magician introduces a boxed deck of cards with two $100 bills rubber banded to it. The performer announces that if the trick fails, a member of the audience will go home $200 richer! This $200 prediction deck is given to a trustworthy volunteer to hold onto.


Next, the magician begins to throw foam bricks into the audience in order to choose random audience members. Each audience member chooses a different aspect of the card. One person chooses the color (red or black), another chooses the suit, another picture cards or number cards, etc. This is a completely fair process — NO magician’s choice! Finally, a card is freely named based on the criteria set forth by the random audience members.


The deck of cards is removed from the box and spread to show that one card out of 52 is facing the opposite direction. Believe it or not, but it is the same card that was freely chosen by the audience! But wait; there may be some members of the audience that “think” the magician merely used “sleight of hand” and just secretly reversed the card when spreading through the deck.


Attention is now brought to the two $100 bills that the volunteer has been holding onto throughout the routine. The volunteer unfolds the two $100 bills and written on the back of one bill is the correct value of the card and on the other bill is the correct suit of the card!


Take your money back as you ask them where they would like you to build the church!


“I sincerely hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.” — Cody S. Fisher

NOTE: The $200 Card Trick E-Book explains everything you will need to perform this incredible effect. You will need to have access to a printer in order to print the special U.S. bills or you can use real bill like Cody. The rest of the items you will need can be purchased for under $10.00! If you would like to do this trick with non U.S. currency…you will have to write on your own real bills or make fake ones in Photoshop. 

$200 Card Trick E-Book

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