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Welcome To My Discount Magic Page. These Items Are All Either New Or Like New. Most Items Are Offered At 30%-50% Below Retail Prices! If You Are Interested In An Item(s), Please Send An E-Mail To With The Item(s) You Would Like To Purchase. I Will Package Them Up & Get You A Shipping Quote ASAP...Thanks! 

All Payment Must Be Made Via PayPal Using The

PayPal Email:

(The Prices Listed Below Are VERY FAIR & Therefore Non-Negotiable)


Mystery Formula by ZIHU & Phuc $15.00

Signed Handkerchief To Marker by Antonio Romero $60.00

Clear Jacket by Dominique Duvivier $25.00

Thread Of Life by Alan Wong $45.00

No-Ring Ring Hank by Fabric Manipulation (Red) $50.00

Amazing Coffee & Beans by Adam Wilber $200.00

Frozen In Time 2.0 Swedish Touch by Masuda $50.00

iLevel Pro by Mark Elsdon & Hanson Chen $15.00

Roped by Juan Pablo $20.00

Harmonica Chop Cup (Black / No Instructions) $10.00

Never Vanishing Silk by Quique Marduk $30.00

Mirror Goblet by Amazo Magic $20.00

Michael Ammar Deluxe Linking Rings (5 Ring Set / No Instructions) $100.00

Multum In Parvo Deluxe by Visual Magic $75.00

The Silk by Gonzalo Albinana $20.00

Foolaroid / Lovestory Edition by Mellow $20.00

Cromo by Gonzalo Albinana $30.00

Bathrobe Costume Change by Adrian Soler (White Skin/~6.0 ft/~180 lb) $495.00


Reminiscene by Vernet Magic $25.00

HYbNOSIS by Menny Lindenfeld (English / Never Opened) $225.00

Capture by Amir Lustig / Bakore Magic $30.00

Alias Wallet Colin McLeod $75.00

The Coolest Booktest Ever by Nathan Kranzo $25.00

MIB Unplugged by Scott Alexander & Puck $350.00

Alice Book Test by Josh Zandman $30.00

WOW Book Test 6 by Meir Yedid $50.00

Words Beyond Book Test by The Other Brothers $15.00

Wise Quack by Thom Peterson $100.00

Digital Deception by Marc Oberon (No Longer Made) $40.00

The Spectrumalist by Wayne Dobson $75.00

F.A.B. Force Anything Board by Joel Dickinson $55.00

Impossible by Himitsu Magic (Stage Size) $15.00

Nostalgia by Michel Huot $120.00

Color Sync by David Jonathan $15.00

Win Or Lose by Wayne Dobson $15.00

Omni Pad by Mark Zust $25.00


Card In Bottle In Nest Of Boxes (No Servant Included) $100.00

(2) Deck Droppers by Trevor Duffy (No Instructions / Self Explanitory) $30.00

Any Card At Any Number by Bill Nagler (VERY RARE) $100.00

Paul's Balls by Paul Martin & Alan Wong $15.00

Tossed Out Tarot by Dan Sperry $25.00

Ultimate Tossed Out Deck by Wayne Dobson $75.00

Puzzlement Deck by Ian Wong and Amor Magic $20.00

InstaCAAN by Joel Dickenson $15.00

Gordon Diary Trick by Paul Gordon $20.00

Denny & Lee Sidewalk Shuffle Collector’s Edition Piggy Backs $100.00

Profit’s Deck by Bond Lee $50.00

Back Stabber by Scott Alexander $150.00

Card In Mind System by Peter West $20.00

Alpha Numeric Deck by Juan Pablo (RED) $20.00

Black Cross by Mickael Chatelain $20.00

Imagine by Peter & Harry Nardi $15.00

Boxing Match 2.0 by Masuda $15.00

The Red Card by Roberto Giobbi $25.00

The Trojan Deck by Joshua Jay $50.00

The Only One by Martin Braessas (red) $20.00



3 Frye Coin by Charlie Frye $55.00

Lethal Tender REDUX by Airship Magic $35.00

CSTC V1 by Bond Lee and N2G $45.00

CSTC V2 by Bond Lee and N2G $55.00

Brass Buttons by Matthew Wright $20.00

Danny's Panel Board $15.00

C-Coin by Men Zi Magic $25.00

Rainbow Hole by Tango Magic $35.00

Ink Hole by French Drop & Jonio $220.00

Catch by Vanishing Inc $10.00

The Tunnel by Artisan Coin $40.00

Monarch by Skymember $10.00

Feather Thru Coin by Roy Kueppers $50.00

Replica Walking Liberty Expanded Shell Plus 4 Coins by Tango $30.00


Ketchup Fries & More by Kandu Magic $275.00

Princess In A Pickle PLUS Finale Bag by Silly Billy $295.00 

Deja Zoo by Samuel Patrick Smith $15.00

Doggy Bag by Jim Jayes $17.00

Knot Funny by Kandu Magic $95.00

Sponge Stars by Alan Wong $5.00


Note: All books are in very good condition from a non-smoking office. Covers may show a tiny bit wear but there are no marks or rips or major defects.  

Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber $15.00

13 Steps To Mentalism by Corinda $20.00

Unexplainable Acts by Gary Kurtz $20.00

Secret Agenda by Roberto Giobbi $30.00

Curiously Enough by Chris Congreave $40.00

Cruise Magic 101 by Nick Lewin $10.00

Mindstorms by Sean Taylor $55.00

Psychological Subtleties by Banachek $20.00

Smoke & Mirrors by Rick Marcelli $40.00

Out Of My Hat by David Garrard (Soft Cover) $25.00


CD / DVD's

10 Years Of Steve Spill DVD $15.00

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