Cody Fisher’s Silk To Egg

I am very happy to announce the release of a new product in the Cody Fisher magic line. In less than two weeks I will release my version of the classic effect “Silk To Egg”. I have been working on this particular release for the past year. It has taken longer than I had originally planned but as with all my releases I wanted it to be perfect. I have been performing the standard silk to egg effect ever since I was in my early teens and did my very first magic show at a birthday party. It is a wonderful little effect in that it packs small and plays VERY big. This is also one of those tricks that is always very memorable from the viewpoint of the audience. I think the sheer ridiculousness (and simplicity) of the plot is what makes it so memorable. Over the years this stand up piece has evolved considerably. The end result is a very unique piece of theatre that your audiences WILL remember. The basic concept is that is you invite someone from the audience up on stage and together you will ‘teach’ the rest of the audience the “silk to egg” trick. Your onstage volunteer follows along with their props and both of you manage to turn a silk into an egg! To the amazement of your audience YOU are able to show that YOUR egg has magically transformed into a real egg. As an added KICKER, your onstage volunteer is also able to show that THEIR egg is real as well! This routine has been a staple of my stand up act for many years. It is one of the routines that I was very hesitant to release to the magic fraternity. I sincerely believe this to be one of the best routines that have released to date! Thanks for your interest! Cody S. Fisher

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